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Holiday SALE!
thru 12/31/23)




"Kind Ambition: Practical Steps to Achieve Success Without Losing Your Soul"

Regularly $15.95 - now 2 copies for $20.00

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Or buy 5 copies and get a 6th copy FREE!
Plus I'll pay your sales tax and
in Continental U.S.

That's a $96.00 value for  only $50.00!

The easiest, most inexpensive, powerfully impactful
 stocking stuffer gifts you'll find!


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Awesome Year Planner

Beyond Resolutions, A PLAN! You'll get:

- A Comprehensive Workbook that takes you step-by-step from "Letting Go of the Past" to "Building a Life/Business Plan" that comes from a central focus outward, so ALL ASPECTS of your life are integrated and balanced.

- A 90 Minute Mini-Workshop/Coaching Session, where we'll walk through all the steps, and clarify any questions, so you can make the most of this process.

- FREE Follow-up Q&A via Email or Phone. Questions always pop up when we're home and in a difference space, and you're not alone. Simple questions can be clarified quickly and get you on track so you don't miss a beat.

Discounted Follow-Up Coaching Sessions Within 90 Days, if you need further coaching on this Plan (beyond just answering simple questions) you'll get a $125.00 discount (Half Off!) Laser Coaching Sessions; as many as you need, no limit.

Regularly $695.00 - now only $357.00!!

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Dynamic Exploration Session

Where it all begins. You'll get:

- An In-Depth Assessment of your Enneagrammic Typology so you can be consciously aware of how this drives everything you feel, think, and do.

- Your Communication Style, and how to best communicate with others.

- the Essential 10 Minutesexercise; one of the most powerful continuous improvement techniques you'll ever do.

Regularly $247.00 - now only $125.00!!

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the Holiday/Family Communication Triage Package

With Thanksgiving upon us, we’ve fully entered the holiday season – which means great food, family - and old stuff coming up that may be painful.  So this session is particularly for you if you feel:

 - frustrated or upset at family gatherings

 - like you want to tear your hair out or run away

 - a desire for things to feel better with your family

You’re not alone; the Holiday Season is often a particularly stressful time.  Family gatherings spark family dynamics, and sometimes things get out of hand.  We’ve often got a lifetime of hurt feelings and unresolved issues standing in the way of connecting the way we want to connect.

For the past few years friends and clients have been raving about the "Communication Triage" sessions, so once again I'm offering them at ridiculously low rates. :-)

This is a fast and easy way to help you enjoy your time with family, and ease the stress that’s almost always due to a communication breakdown. 

Sometimes all you need is “triage:” helping a difficult issue or situation at hand – or one that’s been around for years – improve overnight. So here you are:

the Holiday/Family Communication Triage package

This “spot coaching session” will:

  1. Hear you out (help you release the pain you’re holding onto and not discussing.)
  2. Identify the underlying issue (s) (which may be different than you realize.)
  3. Provide a tangible Action Plan (so you know how to deal with and change the situation.)

Plus, I’m including 3 extra audio teachings that will provide perspective and more tools for making “stress” not synonymous with holidays – and a 15-minute follow-up session!

The holidays can be tough enough without the special stress that comes from family fussing, squabbling siblings, ancient arguments, etc.  Let’s get you the resources you need to sail though this time with fun and ease, right now.

- 75-minute session (normally $499)

 - 3 audio recordings:

"Same World, Different Experience($27 Value)

"Why Do I Have to Go First?"  ($27 Value)

"Clipping the Wire to the PLAY Button"   ($27 Value)

 - 15-minute follow-up ($77)

$757.00    Holiday special! $395.00 (thru December 31st)

I'll pay Paypal's 2.97% processing fee, as my holiday gift to you.

just $395

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Compared to the cost and pain of having the same problems pop up again this year, I hope this special package will help you find greater peace and ease - so that your time with your family is what you always hoped it would be.


Contact me with your questions, or to schedule.




"…I had the first positive conversation with my mother I think I've ever had… it didn't break down into blaming, and we actually connected"

   --Dr. A.H.

Assoc. Professor

Dept. of Neuroscience






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