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January Special


Transformational Biz Plan - an Awesome Year Planner

Beyond Resolutions, A PLAN! You'll get:

- A Comprehensive Workbook that takes you step-by-step from "Letting Go of the Past" to "Building a Life/Business Plan" that comes from a central focus outward, so ALL ASPECTS of your life are integrated and balanced.

- A 90 Minute Mini-Workshop/Coaching Session, where we'll walk through all the steps, and clarify any questions, so you can make the most of this process.

- FREE Follow-up Q&A via Email or Phone. Questions always pop up when we're home and in a difference space, and you're not alone. Simple questions can be clarified quickly and get you on track so you don't miss a beat.

Discounted Follow-Up Coaching Sessions Within 90 Days, if you need further coaching on this Plan (beyond just answering simple questions) you'll get a $125.00 discount (Half Off!) Laser Coaching Sessions; as many as you need, no limit.


Regularly $375.00 - now only $187.00!!


Contact me with your questions, or to schedule.





My decision to commit to Ian was made simple by HIS clarity & dedication to helping me unearth my WHOLE vision for growth & success.  As a result, I am now living at levels of financial and emotional wealth like never beforer!  


   --Dr. A.H.

Assoc. Professor

Dept. of Neuroscience






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