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COVID-19 Coping Specials!

With the COVID-19 pandemic  throwing our lives into turmoil, we've all been suddenly thrust into a situation that can easily overwhelm us.

Being scared and knowing we have little under our control, combine to make a sauce that can easily turn into depression.

Please don't despair. We have some tools to reduce the impact of our Limbic Systems going awry.

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What Do You Need? Laser Sessions

Coping strategies, triage, what do you need?
Tools for: Patience, Resilience, and Anxiety, and more.



Couples: Togetherness is one thing, but...

  • How to stop your partner from nagging

  • How to pull the plug on power-struggles

  • How to find a common Love Language

Using a completely "non-gooey," communication-centric approach we'll map the minefields and illuminate the most nourishing path for your relationship.


After just one session my partner and I were able to move through conflict in a non-blaming and curious way, eager to explore how our innate differences worked in our relationship. As a psychotherapist, I would recommend this process to the couples I see for relationship therapy!" - Shari Levine, LMFT

Regularly, $347.00 Remote sessions on sale: only $197.00

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Zoom only allows for 40 minutes, so book 2 sessions consecutively.

"Thanks so much! It just nailed us to a tee, and we're doing great now! Understanding each others' different approach makes a huge difference."   --D.B., San Francisco, CA

The ride home from our session may have been the first time in years where we had a fun, exciting conversation in the car, instead of getting caught up in complaints or bickering.  Instant success!"    
--M.F., San Francisco, CA

"Ian provided tools I can use in my personal relationship. Upon conflict, I turned off and shut down. This got me and my partner
nowhere. Thanks to Ian, I am able to challenge myself to open up to my partner during more trying times."- Dr. Anjannette Price, S.F., CA




"Kind Ambition: Practical Steps to Achieve Success Without Losing Your Soul"

"We all face obstacles in our lives and careers. Some of these come from within, subverting our conscious intentions. The good news is: they can be overcome.  The techniques and processes found in this book will help you on your way." -Margaret Heffernan – Author: The Naked Truth: A Working Woman's Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters, Syndicated Columnist: Fast Company Magazine

  Excellent reading while in "isolation" or with a friend!
  Regularly $15.95 - now 2 copies for $20.00

Or buy 5 copies and get a 6th copy FREE!
Plus I'll pay your sales tax and
in Continental U.S.

That's over a $100.00 value for  only $50.00!



Even the Famous
Dynamic Discovery Session is Half-Off

A 1-Hour introduction to the unique Optimized Results process. It's designed to identify and explore your Internal Operating System, which directs and determines how you respond to everything and everyone in your life. You’ll discover how this flow has impacted your life, and how you can be in command of it going forward. You’ll also discover how everyone else’s IOS interacts with yours, and how to minimize conflict while maximizing connection. You’ll walk away with a tool for shifting and creating good habits that serve you, and take you where you want to be.



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