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March 2020

Communication Actions for Optimized Results

February 2020

Be the Eggshell or Be the Ball - (8:19)

January 2020

The Treasure Trove Within - (6:40)

December 2019

Just Don't Do It! - (7:09)

November 2019

Patience, Grasshopper - (6:30)

September 2019

5 Rules for Extraordinary Relationships - (7:06)

August 2019

Secret Multitasking - (5:45)

July 2019

Same World; Different Experience - (8:07)

June 2019

Why Do I Have To Go First? - (6:49)

March 2019

Walking a Mile In Someone Else's Shoes Can Get You Lost - (7:46)

February 2019

The Wolf You Feed - (8:08)

December 2018

Reactivity vs. Responsiveness (8:08)

November 2018

Brain Draining or Brain Training (8:34)

October 2018

Breaking Free of Language, Beliefs, Habits, and Stories (8:08)

July 2018

What's Conscious Communication Got To Do With You? (10:08)

June 2018

What's Stopping You? (8:36)

May 2018

Subtext: Friend or Foe (8:19)

April 2018

A Rose is Not Arose (8:03)

March 2018

Two Sides of Compassion (7:27)

February 2018

Breaking Out of Your Prison (8:36)

January 2018






BlogTalk Radio with Tony Wilkins

Tony interviews Ian about everything from Business Process Re-Engineering to Communications and Leadership.  From @ 3:20 in to @ 20 minutes in to the show.

Full Show Link


Raving Fan Radio with Melissa Risdon 

Melissa and Ian have a great conversation about the Integram  also known as the Integral Enneagram; his model of human consciousness which maps worldviews, perspectives, motivations, and cognitive linguistic styles. They cover from how we can use this system to understand ourselves, each other, and our relationships on a far deeper and richer level.

Click for Podcast

Health Mastery Systems Show with KG Stiles: Conversations to Enlighten & Heal

KG talks with Ian Blei, about everything from "Kind Ambition" to the Integram   The Integram was featured at the 1st Integral Theory in Action Conference, and is being used by coaching organizations around the world. The Interview (@ 63 min.)







"Ian Blei knows more about developing and maximizing personal effectiveness than anyone I know. He does it with brilliance and with heart."

-Barbara Mark, Ph.D. Founder of Full Circle Institute
Past President of the International Association of Coaches
and creator of Cut to the Chase.





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